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Message from Archangel Michael – Faith Rayne
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Message from Archangel Michael

Message from Michael
December 28, 2016
Message from Archangel Michael
January 3, 2017
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Message from Archangel Michael

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Message from Archangel Michael ~
So there’s been a lot of people asking me to ask M what can they do to help alleviate the hate that they see in the world and in their realities right now. This is what M had to say….

My dear beloved ones,       
I understand. My suggestions are as follows;
For you to do your best not to focus on the hate, turn your eyes and mind upon your heart; to love.
Simple acts of kindness and compassion to others will help more then you could possible imagine! It will spread like fire in your reality and into others’ realities as well.
Next I ask that you Be love. Simply by saying to yourself I AM love over and over if you must through out your days. You then become the frequency that love is. Energy follows thought.
When you are vibrating love, it will be as if you are the sun, radiating and shining love into everyone’s lives you come in contact with. This will change not only your life, your reality, but everyone’s reality. And this love that you are, that you are passing a long will become a fire that cannot be quenched and it will spread to everyone!
Please know we are with you, working to create a reality, a world filled with love and harmony. We know that things are not easy with all the turmoil you are experiencing… please kNow that we fight with you for the betterment of all that is. We need your assistance, we cannot do this alone. I ask that you take part in these actions daily. Be the fire.
This is all I ask. Thank you!

All my love

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