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Message from Archangel Michael – Faith Rayne
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Message from Archangel Michael

Message from Archangel Michael
January 3, 2017
Message from Archangel Michael
January 6, 2017
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Message from Archangel Michael

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Message from Archangel Michael ~
My dear beloved ones,
I feel and understand many of you are in a state of unease and distress as you pass into this New Year. Do not worry yourselves, have FAITH that all is well for we are with you! Always. Change is coming this is truth. Yet it does not need to reflect as part of your reality. You have a choice. YOU choose what you allow into your reality and how you feel. The more you stay centered and focused intently on what you deem as positive; your dreams, love, happiness, laughter, kindness, family, friends, the I AM Presence; all other energies that do not serve you will not become entwined into your reality. They will fall away and diminish. You will see things happening yet you will not be of it or attached to it. This will unleash the power/energy that has been within you all along; which will allow you to create not only for yourselves but for others as well. You will BE the ANCHOR of LIGHT and LOVE for the world. There is much goodness and love that is NOW being anchored into all of existence. This is the time, the year for all to OWN and CLAIM who you truly are! You must not haste. Feel and KNOW NOW that you are as endless as the universes and are just as strong and powerful. This year many of the veils will diminish and the negative extinguished. LOVE and LIGHT will fall upon this world and your lives like a warm blanket. Have FAITH that all is well and it will be so. Stand with us! BE LIGHT! BE LOVE! It is the KEY.
All my love,

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