I See Colors of Sounds and Frequencies: Synesthesia

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January 6, 2017
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February 2, 2017
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I See Colors of Sounds and Frequencies: Synesthesia

A good friend of mine asked me the other day about me being synesthetic, the chat we had brought up a lot of things for me.  I realized, again, that not many see how I see, I just keep thinking everyone sees colors…

Seeing frequencies or rather sound, is something I was born with or as the science world calls it, inborn. I have memories of seeing colors around people and things since before I could speak. I remember seeing colors fill the air, moving silently into each room like fingers… reaching for something as music ebbed it’s way through space. I could also feel the intent of each frequency/color, still can.

I remember lying in my crib looking up at the musical thingy that hangs above the crib. I remember feeling and seeing the music float towards me like soft clouds of color.   

As you’ve probably guessed, my life has always been brimming with exuberant amounts of technicolor. I see life and realities much differently than most. Sometimes its really wondrous to breathe in, other times… not so much.

For instance, did you know that every tree, has its own unique color system that is different from the other trees?  Looking into a forest is as if colored cloud like ribbons have hitched a ride on the wind; navigating, flowing and interacting with each other with intention. Yes, intention. The forest is alive with motion and feeling; to me, the trees no longer stand still. They never did. This is true for all things that are. Everything has different colors then another. And when each being (animate or inanimate) interacts with another, its a symphony of colored light.

It really is a magical thing to take part in. Other times, it becomes overwhelming and…  heavy.

There are places in the oceans that are devoid of color…  The coral reefs that have died, where plastic has consumed the water and ocean floor, where oil still resides, etc. Landfills, or where fracking has take place, etc… It’s here that no sounds are made, no color… there is nothing.

Space and the oceans are my havens.  I could look into the abyss of both for eternity. Really. They are rare beauties, primed with colors I couldn’t even describe to you. The sky in the day and night are filled with colors from the stars and planets and anything else that happens to be in the sky at the time. The colors/frequencies making their way towards earth, reaching out and almost caressing my face as I look up and take in the immense elegant beauty.  The waters of the oceans also have their own colors depending on where. It’s as if all the oceans are separate entities, for their base or core colors/frequencies are completely different from each other. And the life that resides in the oceans beams up from the abyss like colorful steam or clouds reaching for the stars.

Each raindrop has a different color then the next. Yes, when it rains, its raining rainbows, just much cooler. 🙂 Even clouds have different colors; and yes thunder and lightning as well. Which is why I love the rain and thunderstorms so much! Watching a thunderstorm is awe inspiring to see every time; the colors that fill the sky is a beautifully orchestrated dance or musical melody! It truly is breathtaking.  Living in Vancouver, BC was amazing. It rains a lot there!

Every note or cord of an instrument has its own colors as well. So when I watch someone play the guitar or piano I see the color of the notes they are playing either coming out from the instrument or they show up as bubbles or ribbons of say blue(D) or orange(A) with some white in them.  My grandmother once asked me how I taught myself a piece of music. It was Greensleeves.  I remember telling her the notes on the sheet music had different colors and I would hit each cord on the piano until I saw the matching color.

I do have to admit watching someone sing is pretty cool too.  John Lennon’s voice was beautiful. He wanted to heal the world with love. His voice had colors of a deep vibrant pink and white with an emerald green weaving through it. It was something else to watch him sing. Jared Leto’s voice is one of the most unique voices I’ve ever seen. His voice is a vibrant radiant white with a deep metallic blue running through it. Etta James’ voice is purple and pink, while Amy Winehouse’s voice is dark silver with touches of bright leafy green through it.

If you’d like to know the color of your favorite musicians voice send me a message on my website or here on my FB page with the name and I’ll let you know what colors I see. 🙂

Now I suppose you are asking yourself can I learn to see colors.  Yes you can. I know, I’ve taught people how to. It’s not about learning, it’s about remembering what you already know.  Waking up that part of your brain and eyes that are able to see those frequencies.  As with anything that you take part in, you have to practice it to engage those areas. And also it activates your subconscious as well. Creating a new pattern in your brainwaves.

The classes I teach give you things to practice to awaken those areas in you.  If you are interested shoot me an email and we can talk about getting you set up.

For now here are some simple things to get you started if you like.

Training your eyes to see the subtle.

Hold your hand in front of your face about not to close, and now relax, take a few breaths to center, then stare at the space in between your fingers and just a little passed them. If your fingers become blurry that is fine. You should start to see a white outline around your fingers and hands. Try blink  as little as possible.

Find or draw some shapes you’ll need six and white paper works best. Square, circle, rectangle, etc. Make them big, say half the size of the paper or bigger if you like. Then using red, blue, green, yellow, orange and purple; color the square say red, circle blue, etc. Then put a black dot in the middle of each shape. Then choose one of the colors. Stare at the black dot for a good min or so. Yes you can blink if you need to. Then immediately either turn the paper over or look at a white/cream wall.  If you choose to draw a red square you should see on the paper or wall a faint green square.  If you choose green triangle to stare at, you will see a red triangle on the wall or other side of the paper. Do this for all the colors.  Note: red and green are easiest to see. Yellow and purple are the hardest to see.  Yes you can do the same with white and black. To see the white though you will need to look at a colored wall or black piece of paper.

To practice seeing the subtle energies, colors, frequencies looking at this 3D stereograms also help your eyes to see something that’s there but not.  I have include some images below you can download if you like.  Choose one image, relax your eyes while looking at it. Allow your eyes to unfocus as you look at the image. Do not try to “make out”  anything. Just allow. Soon you will start to see shapes. Sometimes I have to look at the corner of the image or look at the space in between the image and me. Mostly I just look at the image with unfocused eyes. Give a try! Yes you can look at them on the computer.



Cat Face

Enjoy! If you have any questions please go to my connect with me page and send me an email!

Here are a few links about Synesthesia:



Here’s a couple vids about it too!

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