Do affirmations really work?

Message from St. Michael
February 2, 2017
Archangel Michael
Message from Archangel Michael~
February 28, 2017
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A question I get from my clients quite a lot actually.  To be honest.. yes they do.

BUT I’ll be the first to jump on this band wagon of mockery and contempt. Even with the knowledge of basic physics, trying to convince my self, my mind that something is in this NOW moment that just isn’t; well, is to me a massive head hack in to pure lunacy. For real! Which then hurls me into disdain like an asteroid with a mission. And the double FU to Source seems slight. Oh ya, you should hear me lose my shit at Michael and Source some time. Good thing they are love and beyond judgement. Although I dont think the people at the grocery store are and must think I’m insane. Ahumm suggestion.. when/if you do lose your shit… your guides, angels and Source can hear you telepathically. Dually noted. Moving on! Let’s go a bit deeper into the rabbit hole, shall we.
How I see it, you’re NOT and I repeat not TRYING to convince yourself of anything when affirming something. What you’re really doing when saying affirmations is reprogramming or overriding the negative thought/behavioral patterns or programs that you’ve been spouting like a fountain for years. That’s all. Now that your perception changed, that changes the acceptance of HOW something has to work. Opening up your mind to allow the affirmations to work. So remember dont try to convince yourself, you will lose your shit…… In a grocery store. Just sayin’.
Just know that you are reprogramming your mind. Overriding the old with the new thoughts and behavioral patterns and habits. And that will take some time. So be patient. I’ve seen it work and my clients can attest to that as well. Be gentle with yourself too. Hug and love your self regularly.     

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