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Would you like to know what colors you have and what they mean?

Aura Clearing/Reading Sessions

According to physics everything is a frequency; a wavelength that can be measured in hertz or megahertz, etc. Each wave has a sound and that sound has its own color. For instance, the C note is green or almost a cyan color. (Please see the links below if you’re interested in learning more.) Getting back to colors and frequencies, I see these wavelengths around everything. I am synesthesia as well. When someone sings I see colors coming out of their mouth. When music is played on the radio, colors stream from the speakers and fill the room or car. I also see colors or waves around people and animals, and every living and nonliving thing. These colored waves, or what some call auras, I can also feel. Each color has its own emotion or event within it creating its own frequency. For instance, if I see the color yellow in a person’s energy field, depending on the person, it can mean creativity, intellect, manifesting, consciousness, or cowardice. When someone is telling a lie, a yellow green color will flash across their face. These frequencies also tell me if there are impurities in the body or if the body is in a state of dis-ease.

Before a session with you, I meditate and connect with you and then start to see your aura in my mind. I start to feel into every color that I see and if there are any impurities. During your session, I go over with you what I see and feel; address any dis-ease or things you may be holding on to so you can heal. I will also draw you a picture of what your aura looks like and include what all the colors mean for you in detail. You will receive a digital copy of your aura after the session.

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