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Intuitive counseling session – Faith Rayne
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Intuitive counseling session

Sometimes all we need is some clarity, guidance, and love.

You might be wondering…what exactly happens when you have a session with Archangel Michael and me.

Understandably, some people might feel nervous that they’re going to be told something horrible. I’m here to assure you, that doesn’t happen. Most often, Michael makes the session feel as fun and light as possible, revealing exactly (and only) what you need to know for your highest good. Often, your personal guides and angels will be present, including loved ones who have left this reality. They will send messages and be there to help navigate the session and support you as well.

I am often asked how I communicate with Michael. Well, I hear him as if someone is standing next to me and is speaking directly into my ear. Other times, he places thoughts into my head, or gives me feelings, many times in bulk…so at times, it takes me a minute to decode the meaning. It’s as if someone is downloading an entire book into my head all at once. Sometimes he even uses words I don’t know the meaning of, so don’t be surprised if I say a word and then ask you what the hell it means. ☺

Intuitive counseling session – Faith Rayne
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Before a session with you, I sit in meditation with Michael for about 30 minutes focusing on you and your life events, relationships, family, friends, finances, job, etc. I connect myself to God/Source/Universe and ask Michael and your personal angels and guides to be present and create a safe space for us. I then feel into you and scan your body to see what information I can gather on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels. I see your aura and allow it to tell me what is of importance to help you heal. For example, I may see that you have a shield over your heart, or I can tell if you think too much and it is stalling your ability to move forward. I can also feel if you have physical pain in places. Then I focus on Michael… and this is where the fun begins! He shows me all of the limitless realities playing out in your world and focuses on which ones are more likely to occur based on what choices you are making now. He offers solutions to help you work on getting yourself into a better state of living. For instance, a client I was working with suffered from arthritis. Michael recommended that she soak her hands in water with ginger root added to it. Neither my client nor I had ever heard of this remedy, however, she tried and and it relieved her pain tremendously. I’m not sure if she was even planning to bring that up in her session, but because it came through during my meditation, I addressed it with her and she was so grateful I did!

After I gather as much information as possible from meditating, we connect by phone or in person. During the session, we will cover everything that Michael and your guides have identified as being the most important topics to discuss, and then I will answer any questions that you might still have. Michael and I will also offer solutions to help you overcome issues that have been identified in the session. Sometimes they are affirmation statements, other times, simple visualizations to help you align yourself with the reality you desire. Yes, it’s kind of like homework…but the fun kind!

We do see into your future, but please remember, the fascinating thing about the future is that when you look at it, it changes simply BECAUSE you looked at it, and THAT changes everything. Some future events are an absolute, they will occur no matter what; other events are left open to our choices and what we decide to focus on, which is where the homework comes in. Michael may suggest that you spend time each day visualizing the reality you wish to create. It’s actually exciting to realize how much control we have over our reality. Since everything is energy, we simply have to focus on what we want, feel what that feels like, and allow that energy to fuel our actions. It’s an incredibly powerful way to live, and with Michael’s guidance, you will be on your way to living the life of your dreams.

I look forward to connecting with you and facilitating your own divine communication with Michael and your guides.

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1 hr session - cost - $175

45 min session - cost - $135

30 mins session - cost - $85

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