Who I AM

"The 'voice in my head' is not who I am.... 'Who am I, then?' The one who sees that." ~Eckhart Tolle

I AM Faith Rayne

It all started when I was about eighteen months old, according to my parents. It was the day I died. That's what happens when you stick keys into an electrical outlet. I remember it as if it happened yesterday; my mom on the phone, me filled with anger and then sticking the keys in the socket, blackness, laughter, and HIM - my Guardian, as he called himself. Archangel Michael. He was beautiful, radiating this immense light, with eyes a shade of blue I have never yet seen. In awe of him as always, he advised me not to stick the keys into the socket. Well, his exact words were, “you will not like the result. Please refrain from doing that.” That statement is one I have become all too familiar with during my time here.

My Guardian has been with me since I can remember, as have my abilities. They have become instinctive, like an automatic reflex, or a program constantly running in the background of my consciousness. Even as a young girl, I was able to see, hear, and feel beings from other dimensions. I was telekinetic (able to move or alter objects using only my mind), and telepathic, (able to transmit thoughts to others or know what others were thinking without any communication). Now I am, clairvoyant (able to predict future happenings), empathic, (able to feel what others were experiencing), and intuitive (able to have direct knowledge of events or situations without evidence). With Michael’s guidance (insistence, really), I have honed and developed these skills to be used for the highest good of all. Some consider me a healer, a spiritual counselor, an intuitive therapist, or just a super fun party guest! I consider myself a conduit of spirit, here to be of service.

As you might imagine, this path hasn’t been an easy one. I have been pushed to the edge while learning to manage my gifts. At times, they have even felt like a curse. However, Michael has always been with me; protecting me, keeping me safe, encouraging me to keep going, to feed the right wolf, despite what my eyes may tell me. I have studied physics and other religions in search of answers to understand how things can be the way they are. I have endured migraines, depression, and anxiety. I still do. I mention this because I know there are many of you out there like me, especially children and young adults, who are experiencing similar symptoms and emotions and I feel uniquely drawn to help you understand and manage your abilities.

I am extremely grateful that I have been entrusted with these sacred gifts from Spirit, so I may assist others on their own personal journeys of healing, enlightenment and awareness.

With love and light,


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